Welcome to the ESHA Developer Network!

The ESHA Research Nutrition Database API provides powerful and expansive tools to help build any nutrition oriented web applications for consumers. The API allows you to search for foods and analyze diet and recipes using our leading ESHA Nutrient Database that follows stringent protocols and is the industry hallmark for completeness and accuracy. No matter your niche you will find very compelling and powerful the combination of your imagination and our top notch nutrient database!

All the information needed to use the API can be found here at the developer portal. You can register for an API key for evaluation purposes. (Note: This evaluation API key is fully functional but will return an analysis for Calories only.)

There is a demo application which shows how to make calls to search the database, build a list of foods and then analyze that list for Calories. All the information displayed in the application (e.g. Supplier, Food group, etc.) was retrieved via the API.

There is also sample code which may expedite your own application development as well: